Autumn 2019

We wrapped up our classification topic with a sweet themed lesson which, as you might imagine, went down very well. The children had to earn their reward by creating a dichotomous key to classify each sweet 'species' and no extinction events were allowed!
We had an amazing final WWL session of the term thanks to Emma Jones. To bring our classification topic to a close, we 4 investigated a more sensory way of identifying trees which involved crushing leaves, whittling sticks and then smelling them to make the identification. We collected minibeasts that had been caught in pitfall traps set earlier in the day, shook a few trees to see what was hiding and then scoured the WWL area to find as many different minibeast species as we could. It was a fantastic way to bring our topic to life and to explore and appreciate our natural environment.
Year 6s had a jam packed afternoon in Totnes at the annual Life Skills event. With the help of trained experts, the children learnt how to recognise potential danger, deal with emergencies and be socially responsible. The range of topics included fire and safety in the home, internet safety, the dangers of electricity, hoax calls, beach safety and first aid. The aim of the event is to help develop the children’s awareness and understanding of potentially dangerous situations, to equip them with the skills to assess situations quickly, to respond appropriately, and to help build their confidence and raise their self-esteem.
Arts week came to a mindful end when we spent the morning painting pebbles for our spiritual garden. We learnt about the origins of the Kindness Rocks Project which is based on the belief that one kind message at the right moment can change someone’s day or their outlook. We then used this idea to inspire our designs. 
Arts week continued with the children referring back to their wildlife art and sculpting bugs out of clay. They then moved on to making small clay pendants with an imprint of a leaf or other natural object. 
Following on from our wildlife drawing session and linking with our science topic, we spent the afternoon making mini bug apartments for the WWL area. Then, taking advantage of the rare appearance of the sun, we put them altogether to make our bug hotel which we camouflaged for extra privacy.    
Class 4 were inspired by wildlife artist and entomologist John Walters who brought a selection of bugs for them to observe and sketch.
Day 1 of Arts Week linked with our Victorian topic - children created a study page in their sketchbooks based on some iconic William Morris designs. They then picked out one element of their favourite design, simplified it and used it as the basis for their mosaic coaster.  
For our WWL session, we became botanists and set out to investigate what type of trees exist in our local environment. We collected a variety of leaves, examined them and used a classification key to identify the species.
A musical interlude during this morning's maths. 
Our visit to Morwellham Quay was an excellent opportunity to experience life a as Victorian. 
Class 4 experienced the highs, lows and suspense of the place value lottery in maths today!
We started our Victorian topic by creating a human timeline - everyone was given a key event which had to be arranged in chronological order. Then in pairs, the children had all the events to place on their timeline. 
Arts week came to a mindful end when we spent the morning designing and painting a pebble for our spiritual garden. We learned about how the Kindness Rocks Project started in America - it is a project that is based on the belief that one kind message at the right moment can change someone’s day or their outlook and we used this as inspiration for our designs.