Autumn 2020

Our weekly celebration assembly winners.
Some competitive maths in Class 4 this week with four in a row rounding!
We had a rubbish afternoon in Class 4 - 15 bags of rubbish to be precise! We spent our WWL session outside in the glorious sunshine doing our bit for the school community and clearing the bottom playground. Not quite there yet but everyone did an amazing job and got stuck in. Well done Class 4!
Class 4 undertook their first activity of the Take 5 Festival this afternoon - kite making during our WWL session. Perseverance and teamwork were key to this creative activity and despite not being as windy as last week, one managed to make it off the ground!
Class 4 spent their WWL afternoon having a go at making hammered nature prints. Leaves and flowers are placed on a piece of paper, covered with kitchen roll and then gently hammered which releases their natural dye onto the paper - not as easy as it sounds!
Class 4 spent their maths lesson looking at how to identify prime and composite numbers up to 20. They also learnt a rhyme to help them remember these numbers - ask them to tell you when they get home!
A competitive afternoon in Class 4 with a round of human noughts and crosses. Speed, tactics and teamwork were called for in order to win the day!
It was no 'average' day in Class 4 today. The children released their inner Grinch with some 'mean' maths.
A little bit of rain didn't dampen Class 4's spirits during netball today. We practised our passing and catching working on accuracy, power and consistency and started to work on our shooting technique. The 'shoot out' at the end was a fun (and mildly competitive) way to end the session!
Absolutely blown away by Class 4's final watercolour poppies. A fantastic demonstration of thoughtful colour choices and special techniques to create some unique pieces of art.
Following on from our anti-bullying work in PSHE this week, to celebrate their individuality and show how unique we all are, Class 4 came in today wearing an impressive array of odd socks!
Glorious sunshine for Class 4's netball session this morning. We played mini games to work on our passing, movement, defending and footwork skills.
The helium hoop challenge proved more difficult than first thought for Class 4 this afternoon. The activity gets its name because the hula hoop, while resting on group members’ fingers, appears to float/move upward. Often, the more the group members try to hold it level and get in sync, the more it appears to move upward. It was a great way for the groups to build communication and encourage teamwork.
Class 4 went to the dark side this week investigating shadows in science.
The last WWL session of the year for Class 4 and the hot chocolate and marshmallows went down a treat!
A day of making and baking in Class 4 and we also solved a maths, English and science mystery to find out which naughty little elf stole Christmas!
Feeling (almost) festive in Class 4 this morning!