Class 2 Information

Class 2 is made up of Year 1 and Year 2 children in a bright and well equipped classroom with stunning views across the Riverford fields. We are taught by Miss Berry Tuesday – Friday and by Mrs Ryder on Mondays. Mrs Drew and Miss Kearle are our teaching assistants. We like to link our subjects with a topic each term to make learning meaningful with local visits wherever possible. We like to make as much of our learning as practical as possible with apparatus, visual aids and lots of oral rehearsal before writing or recording to ensure we feel secure in our learning. We work with a ‘have a go’ attitude and treat making mistakes as a positive way of learning. We enjoy earning our golden time to do role play in the ever-changing playhouse, independent making and creating and free play on trikes, scooters and other equipment outdoors.

Below, you can download Class 2’s termly topic webs: