At Landscove, we are committed to ensuring that children are safe online both at school and away from school. We have been following 360 safe, which is an e-safety review tool. At the moment, we are certified that we’re making progression in online safety! Please see our certificate for this!

Safer Internet Day & Parents chat

As part of Safer Internet Day, children have been learning about how to make the internet a better place! Each class has also talked about how they can be creative online and remain safe at the same time. Miss Pooler also offered a parents chat on new technology and how to remain safe at home. Please see her in class 4 if you would like to know more.

You could also use this tip sheet which has been put together to discuss e-safety with your child or visit the Safer Internet UK website for more ideas. Why not have a conversation with them to ensure they are using the internet safely at school?