Spring 2021

It was great to see everyone online this morning for our Class 4 meeting - most of you were more awake than I expected! Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again next week for our live lessons.
After reading Genesis Chapter 1, children in Class 4 sketched their interpretation of the story.
For our PSHE this week, Class 4 were thinking about jobs and whether salaries should be based on contributions to society. We started off by creating our own A - Z of jobs and there were some very creative entries - a Morrisons checkout person made the list along with a yule log baker but I'm not sure zebra stripe painter is actually a thing!
We wrote our own lines for our class version of 'When I Grow Up' after watching the cast of Matilda. 
Continuing with our science for this term, after watching and reading about the function of the heart, some children drew their own diagrams before explaining how blood is pumped around our bodies. 
For the start of their seasonal cooking topic for DT, Class 4 have been learning about what seasonality means and sorted any fruit and vegetables that they had at home into the correct seasons in which they grow.
To tie in with their English sequence linked to Greta Thunberg, Class 4 have been researching the effects of climate change. As well as some fantastic research, the presentations have been incredibly creative - some fantastic IT skills on show.
As part of our climate change topic in Class 4, we looked look at the work of the activist, contemporary artist and writer Patrick Brill, who produces work under the pseudonym Bob and Roberta Smith. Using his work for inspiration, the children created their own pieces of protest art.
This took our protest art project to a whole new level!
Our first wellbeing challenge for Children's Mental Health Week resulted in some colourful origami creations.
Our live session today was a tad frantic with a timed scavenger hunt including a toilet roll as one of the items - might have struggled finding that one during the first lockdown!
Linking our learning in DT and science, the children created leaflets this week promoting the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.
The children have been cooking up a feast creating delicious looking healthy, seasonal meals to end our DT topic. I hope they tasted as good as they look!
We started our new Art topic by learning about graffiti artist Banksy. Here are some of their first sketches.