Class 2 Information and Photos 2023/24

Class 2 Information 2023/24
Class 2 is made up of Year 1 and Year 2 children and is situated in a bright and well-equipped classroom with stunning views across the Riverford fields. The class is taught by Mrs Lunt (Mon - Weds) and Mrs Watson (Thurs & Fri). Miss Capaldi covers Mrs Lunt's out of class time on Wednesday and Mr Tanner will also teach the children for PE once a week on Mondays. The class is supported by Mrs Drew and Mrs Kearle (Mon-Thurs) and Mrs Pearse on Fridays. 
Our topic webs show more detail of what we are getting up to and will be posted on this page throughout the year. We like to make as much of our learning as practical as possible using apparatus, visual aids and lots of oral rehearsal before writing or recording to ensure we feel secure. We work with a ‘have a go’ attitude and treat making mistakes as a positive way of learning. 
I hope you look forward to seeing our learning adventures this year! Please check back on this page and Facebook for Class 2 updates and photos.
Class 2 PE days are Monday and Thursday. Children should wear their PE kit into school on these days.
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Nativity songs 2023
03.05.24 - Map plotting
Our new history topic on Sir Francis Drake is underway and this week we were looking at his sailing route. We used maps to look at which route we would take and to investigate the ports in which he stopped. We then used modern day maps to find out where the ports were now! 
22.04.24 - Finding a half in fractions!
This half term, we are starting off our maths learning with fractions. This week we learnt to recognise a half and a quarter. We first used shapes to find halves and then moved on to recognise this in numbers too. In other news, we started practicing for our country dance for Friday 2nd May! 
22.03.24 - Forest School!
What a wonderful day Class 2 had at Forest School. We were very luck with the weather and enjoyed most of our activities in the sunshine! We had a full day including making elder wood necklaces, cooking popcorn and making hot chocolates, a signs of spring treasure hunt and lots of exploring! Well done Class 2 on a fantastic day! 
09.03.24 - World Book Day!
For World Book Day, Class 2 got stuck into an adjectives activity. We explored our own rock pool and discussed our senses, describing what we could feel, hear, smell or see. We then used this to create descriptions of our rock pools! 
28.02.24 - DT linkages and pivots
In DT this term our aim is 'Making a Moving Monster' where we are learning about mechanisms. This week, we learnt about pivots and linkages. We looked at examples of moving objects like toys. We then practiced making linkages and pivots using split pins to make pieces of card move. 
23.02.24 PE 'Striking'
This half term, Class 2 are learning the skill of striking, learning how to hold a racket or bat correctly and hit! This week, we used dribbling to practice our control of the ball. We had to tap the ball from one foot to another, all while keeping it under control. 
08.02.24 - Multiplication and Division
Both Year 1 and 2 have been really getting to grips with their multiplication and division learning in maths. Year 2 have been using different resources to make arrays to represent multiplication sentences. Year 1s have been using different methods to learn their 2, 5, and 10 times tables, including some 5 times tables threading. 
02.02.24 Multi-skills in PE!
This half term we have been learning all about multi-skills in PE. This week, we were focusing on dribbling the ball, looking at height, position of our hands and feet and looking whilst we are moving. We then had to try and use our skills we had learnt to throw the ball into the net behind a goalkeeper. 
24.01.24 - Beebots computing!
This week we used Beebots in computing. We have been talking about instructions and how we make this clear using simple directional commands. We practiced moving our Beebot around a map using forwards and backward, left and right. 
18.01.24 - Shared Book Club
Class 2 shared their book club time this week with Class 4 this week. They were brilliant at explaining their books, why they enjoyed them and reading with their partners. 
14.12.23 - 'Angel Day' at Buckfast Abbey
Class 2 had a very festive morning at Buckfast Abbey's 'Angel Day'. Activities included participating in a storytelling session, making an angel card and wooden decoration, and exploring inside the Abbey itself. A perfect end to the Autumn term!
Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Nativity 2023
Look how fab we look in our Nativity costumes and outfits!
14.11.23 - Visit from Cultural Champion,Souad
Class 2 enjoyed welcoming Cultural Champion, Souad, into class today. She shared lots of knowledge and experience about her Islamic faith. The children listened well and asked questions. Some of us chose to try a traditional female headscarf on, we looked fantastic.
31.10.23 - What is geography all about?
Class 2 enjoyed their first geography lesson today where they learnt that geography is the study of people and places. We also explored physical and human geography and the children sorted photographs into two groups. They loved writing on the tables to do this!
17.10.23 - An artistic response to the Creation!
Class 2 had a very arty RE/FaB lesson this afternoon. We have been learning about the Creation story and how Christians believe it took God 7 days to create the universe. We know that God was busy for 6 days and then rested on the seventh to appreciate his hard work. We represented this using drawings and painted what 'day 7' looked like to us using watercolours.
12.10.23 - A musical afternoon with Kip!
Class 2 enjoyed a musical afternoon with Kip practising their pieces for our musical showcase performance tomorrow.
02.10.23 - Trip to Sparkwell Orchard
The Class 2 children had a fantastic time at Sparkwell Orchard this afternoon. We learnt all about the process of making apple juice and had a tour of the orchard - meeting some of its vegetable and animal residents! A big thank you to Francesca and Keefe for having us.
Art - Exploring and experimenting tools and techniques using clay
After looking at sculptures by Anthony Gormley, Henry Moore and local artist Anne-Marie Scott, we explored and experimented using tools and techniques with clay. We will apply these skills to creating our own clay sculptures soon.
w.b 11.09.23 - Our first full week together!