Photos of our learning - Autumn 2022

w.b 04.01.23 - DT project - Smoothies!
Class 2 have enjoyed tasting, testing, designing, making and evaluating smoothies this week! The process involved tasting and looking at shop brought smoothies, designing our own recipes and packaging, and finally making our smoothies by cutting up fruit and blending it with either juice, water or milk. What a great first couple of days back we have had!
28.11.22 - Gymnastics
Over this half term, the children have been practicing their gymnastics skills in PE. This has involved them learning travels, rolls and balances and putting these skills into a sequence both independently and in a group.
01.11.22 - Occombe Farm trip!
Class 2 spent the day at Occombe Farm to learn about farming and where our food comes from. We spent the morning making our own pizzas using fresh ingredients from the farm's vegetable garden and polytunnel. After lunch, we explored the farm and were able to feed some of the animals.
20.10.22 - PE - Hand-eye coordination
Class 2 have practised their hand eye coordination in PE. We practised this by completing a range of throwing and catching activities both independently and with a partner.
Arts Week! - w.b 10.10.22
The children have been exploring and practising different printing styles this week. We were treated to an afternoon with artist Sandra who taught us to 'screenprint'.
07.10.22 - Music - Exploring melody!
We used tuned percussion instruments to play the melody/tune of 'Once a man fell in a well'. We had to follow letter notation to do this.
30.09.22 - FaB - 99 names of Allah artwork!
In today's FaB lesson, we learnt that Muslims believe that Allah has 99 names. We looked at artwork, by Hazeem Shaikh, which represented each name with different colour and pattern. We then picked one to recreate ourselves!
23.09.22 - Wild Woodland Learning - Decorating the Queen's head with natural treasures!
We spent our Wild Woodland Learning session reflecting on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We used natural treasures to decorate a printout of her head.
21.09.22 - PE with Mr Tanner - Tag rugby hula dancing!
Class 2 loved their PE lesson with Mr Tanner this week. We practised our tag rugby skills by completing a warm up where we had to collect as many tags on our belt as possible. The children with the most tags got to complete a hula dance with Mr Tanner. Hula hula!
16.09.22 - Wild Woodland Learning - Hunting for animals!
In Science, we are learning about animals, including humans. We went on a hunt in pairs to identify, name and classify the animals that we could find around school. The most popular group of animals were insects, but we also saw birds, squirrels and cows too.
Our first week back together! - w.b 05.09.22
We have had a great first week back in Class 2. We have enjoyed starting our learning on Funnybones and were hooked into this by making our own split pin skeletons. Year 1 have enjoyed sorting and counting objects too.