Photos of our learning - Spring 2023

Wednesday 22nd March - Visit from Reverend Gina
Reverend Gina visited us in class today to talk about how Easter is celebrated in the church by Christians. We looked at lots of artefacts and talked about Holy Week. Reverend Gina even let us try the bread that is shared during church services.
Wednesday 15th March - Class 2 assembly (African production)
Friday 3rd March - Finger puppets!
In DT this half term, we are making our own puppets. This week we created a finger puppet using felt. We joined the felt using fabric glue and added features such as eyes.
Thursday 23rd February - First martial arts lesson!
Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed their first martial arts lesson today.
Wednesday 8th February - Our African Sunset Paintings
Class 2 spent this afternoon finishing their African sunset paintings. We added the animal silhouettes to our backgrounds to produce our final product! The children are all very proud of their masterpieces.
Tuesday 31st January - Living, dead, never alive
Today we made the most of a dry day and headed outside to hunt for things that are living, dead and have never been alive on the playground and in the spiritual garden.
Tuesday 24th January - Making rain gauges!
As part of our learning on seasonal changes in science, Class 2 have made rain gauges to monitor and measure the rain fall during winter, spring and summer. We will check these regularly and record the rainfall.
Wednesday 18th January - Mixing paint in Art
In their Art lesson this week, Class 2 explored mixing paint. They were given the primary colours red and yellow as well as white and black to lighten/darken. They were asked to focus on creating 'sunset' colours ready to paint our African sunset backgrounds in a couple of weeks time.
Monday 9th January - First dance lesson with Alex from Dance Fusion
Class 2 loved our first dance lesson with Alex. We used our bodies to move like African animals and then worked in groups to come up with a short sequence to represent a specific animal.