Landscove Curriculum

Landscove Curriculum Statement
Empowering our pupils sits at the very heart of our curriculum design.  We are passionate that every child who leaves any of our schools does so with a complete sense of self; with an ability to make informed decisions that reflect their own values and beliefs; a knowledge of where they sit in the world and the impact they can have.  Curiosity is nurtured at every turn as we recognise that we are preparing our children for a future that will be vastly different to our current reality – a child who understands themselves will be well equipped to make choices that impact positively on themselves, others and their environment.


Building and reflecting our communities is an integral part of our thought process and we look to ensure our pupils recognise where they sit and the impact they can have on a local, national and global scale.  Tolerance and an ability to recognise the views of others sit centrally to our curriculum ethos.  In teaching children explicitly to articulate their views with respect, we recognise that every small moment and interaction can support them in developing a responsibility for their choices; where this sits with their own values and their impact on the world around them.


Our curriculum seeks to develop ambitious attitude for every pupil to place them in a position whereby their future choices are theirs to make.  In considering a clear progression in skills, knowledge and experience, we equip children to be aspirational and the best possible version of themselves.

At Landscove we are a school that is built on success stories; some big, some small, some public but most private. We provide an education enriched by our Christian traditions; Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity. Through our curriculum design, our learners are given opportunities to become independent, collaborative, creative learners who have the confidence to seek wisdom and nurture a love of learning.


At the heart of our curriculum are our school values and ethos, the bedrock upon which the school stands.

We continuously strive to achieve high academic standards through our exciting curriculum, which is

engaging and relevant for all pupils. The curriculum has been designed making best use of our unique staff and their varying experiences and skills, our children’s passions and interests and the passions of our families who often share their expertise with us. We have many distinctive attributes; most significantly, our local community and rural location; not far from moorland or coast. We make the best use of our outdoor spaces including our Wild Woodland Learning area, school garden, our local beaches, Dartmoor and enrichment through our 5 star core offer.



Through our curriculum design and opportunities for personal choice in how learning is taken forward, we aim for our children to think and talk like experts being immersed in a subject which carries real meaning and purpose.

Our core offer and enrichment

The Landscove message is simply that we want all the children to feel the warm glow of success and be  motivated individuals who are constantly striving to do exceptional things.


During their time in our school, children will be offered the opportunity to:

  • To perform publically, taking leading roles at least twice, using the medium of song, dance and


  • To take part in an annual Arts week and exhibit their work at least twice in a local art gallery or other public space
  • Food and farming: To experience local produce from the field to the plate and cook in a professional kitchen
  • To celebrate and value our learning community through enjoying a whole school ‘charabanc trip’ to the beach for the day ~ families invited to join us
  • To represent the school at a sporting event


We believe that a broad, balanced, creative curriculum will enable children to flourish.

Curriculum Statements