Awe and Wonder: Spirituality

What do we mean by Awe & Wonder?

Do you remember that feeling as a child of seeing something so amazing that you said “Wow, that’s awesome!”? That is awe and wonder.

At Landscove we feel that this magical feeling should be fostered and actively promoted throughout the curriculum for all children and adults.

The world around us is a very special place and as a Church of England school we believe that God’s creation is something to be explored and celebrated at every opportunity.

We are privileged to be able to play an active role in the spiritual development of our pupils and encourage reflection, enquiry and a sense of ‘something other’.

We use the Windows, Mirrors and Doors approach to offer the children opportunities to reflect and consider their own and others thoughts, feelings and opinions. It provides a framework in which children can talk about spiritual development using the imagery of windows to ‘look out’ on the world, mirrors to ‘look in’ and reflect and doors to ‘look ahead’ to the wider world.

As a Church of England school we ensure that we provide the children with the skills, tools and language to understand life and their experience of what it means to be human in an inclusive environment, so that they may flourish and grow as respectful, self-aware, caring members of society.