Spring 2022

Class three were delighted to receive a message from Hannah Dunnett - the artist who inspired their Mother's Day card creations.
Wow!! What fantastic artwork the children have produced! They are absolutely brilliant and we were thrilled to see the cards! Please pass on our congratulations to the young artists!
Thank you to our wonderful parents and FOLS for sourcing and helping Class Three to plant more trees on our school field. By doing this, we are playing a small part in reducing atmospheric CO2 and limiting Global Warming.
Tuesday 1st February 2022
A fun afternoon spent using Modroc to create our Egyptian masks.
Designing our own Egyptian masks - using pen requires intense concentration!
Tuesday 25th January 2022
Class three had an energetic Maths lesson measuring and recording the time it took to complete activities. No coats were required!
Wednesday 12th January - Our trip to Torquay Museum
Wow! This was such an incredible way to start exploring 'what the pyramids teach us about life in ancient Egypt.' It's not every day that you get to meet a real mummy boy! We also wrote our names in hieroglyphics, crafted scarab beetles from clay, played board games, dressed up and took part in an embalming workshop.