Our Values & Collective Worship


Our Values are the bedrock upon which the school is built. They enable us to live out our school vision every day. Our core values are elements of our character that we feel are vital to ensure we are the best version of ourselves and are ready to make a meaningful difference to the world around us. Our values are part-and-parcel of our curriculum design and feeds into all that we are and all that we do.

Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Forgiveness, Trust, Empathy

These are all lead by biblical reference, which can be seen in our set of six paintings created by the children to demonstrate this link - see our values paintings above.
We have developed a framework of 18 values to support and nurture the children in their development at Landscove, these are grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ, but can also be said to be the values of other faiths that have their own stories to tell.

As a church school we aim to demonstrate what these values may look like when practised in a community. Parents, teachers, pupils and others can see that courage, hope, peace, forgiveness, trust, compassion etc are indispensable to human flourishing. 
We hope to encourage our pupils to act compassionately and wisely as members of a community that holds to particular values and hope that you will encourage and support us in this aim. With this in mind, we have outlined the values we will be focusing on this term, together with a Home School Values resource to enable you to explore each value further through activities designed to stimulate discussion and reflection, we hope you find this useful.

Each fortnight, we focus on a specific value in collective worship. Click on the link for each value for ideas on sharing ideas about it at home, including stories, facts and fun activities.
In the Autumn Term we will cover:
In the Spring Term we will cover: 
In the Summer Term we will cover: 
Each Friday we award the Courtesy Cup to a pupil who has demonstrated through their behaviour and actions, that they are living out the values of our school, here is one proud winner!
Collective Worship
Our pattern of Collective Worship is set out below:



Whole academy introduction to, or continuation of, theme/value




Open the Book/ Child led Oscar out of the Box/ Global Neighbours




Whole school/key stage Christian Calendar British Values, Digital Wellbeing, PSHE launch, CW Reflection journals.




Sing and Praise, Key Stage Picture News – current affairs, Lyfta – diversity & cultural capital.




Whole academy celebration act of worship, celebrating pupil’s achievements. This may also take the form of a class sharing their work from the term, to which their parents are invited. 

Here are some photos of the Open Book team in action!